Where’s Ethan Hawke? 11+ Places Fans Have Met The Actor-Turned-Director In And Around Louisville


Actor-turned-director Ethan Hawke is in Louisville filming "Wildcat," a movie about the life of writer Flannery O'Connor. The movie will star his daughter Maya Hawke (whom you might know from "Stranger Things") as well as actors Laura Linney, Steve Zahn, Cooper Hoffman (son of late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman), Alessandro Nivola, and more, with filming locations around Jefferson, Shelby, and Marion Counties.

Hawke and his crew haven't only been hitting the cool spots in Louisville and the surrounding areas; he's been showing locals that he's a genuinely lovely guy.

We asked some locals who have shared their sightings and interactions with Hawke and Steve Zahn if we could bring them together in a slideshow. Everyone gave a big yes, so here we go.

If you have photos with Hawke or Zahn in Louisville and want to be added to the slideshow, hit us up at [email protected]. We will get you on the list, and yes, we will give you credit.