[PHOTOS] Vintage Louisville: A Look Back At Its People And Development


Photo addicts, take note. Vintage photographs hold stories from the past that we may never know fully, but seeing them gives us a unique window into how people lived, worked, dressed, and played in the "before" times. Look at the Louisville area when milk trucks and jug bands were still a thing.

A journey through these photos, which span the late 1800s through the latter 20th century, is a trip back to years we know, historically, were years of struggle and turmoil, but through it all, the people of Louisville found ways to thrive. If you look closely as you peruse the gallery, you'll see some famous faces of Kentucky (Pee Wee Reese and some guy in a weird, white suit and ribbon tie) and some who stopped here along the way to other significant events in their careers (ahem, Alice Cooper and Satchel Paige). It all adds to the mystique and specialness of this "little" river town we call home.

If you have old photos that you wish to add to the slideshow, you know we're always welcoming submissions. Send any cool vintage looks at Louisville's past to [email protected].

***LEO is sharing purely for entertainment and educational purposes. The photos are from a local website, Historical Louisville, a collection of another vintage photo enthusiast who asked for no particular citation. Many of the photos can also be found in the University of Louisville Digital Archives.

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| Photos by Historic Louisville