This Kentucky Mansion Comes With A Fallout Shelter And $50k Worth Of Food


After Sept. 11, 2001, former Kentucky state Rep. Clinton Wesley Morgan was so shook that he spent $2 million to build a mansion in Richmond, Kentucky, with a 2,000 square foot fallout shelter 26 feet underground. 

Now, Morgan, who also ran against Sen. Mitch McConnell in 2020, is selling is home for $6.5 million — something which he’s been trying to do since at least January of this year, apparently. 

So far, it seems that Morgan has had little attention from actual buyers, although the general public is agog over his ostentatiously protective manse located along a lake 15 minutes outside of Lexington, Kentucky. 

His home, funded with liquor store money, boasts nine bedrooms and three kitchens, but the piece de resistance is the fallout shelter, built to withstand the most severe earthquakes, as well as nuclear, biological and chemical disaster. To do so, it boasts 39-inch solid concrete ceilings and 15-inch walls. It has three air filtration systems shipped in from Switzerland, 21,000 underground propane tanks and two escape tunnels, one of which is around 100 yards long. Also included with the house is $50,000 worth of food that is estimated to last about 25 years. 

There’s still plenty to enjoy about the house before the world ends. It sits on 200 acres, and the 14,500-square foot home also features nine full bathrooms and a saltwater pool. If you pay $6.9 million, you can purchase it with the “lavish furnishings,” or if you’re pretty rich, but not Richie Rich levels of rich, the real estate listing says that Morgan will consider selling the house on a measly 10 acres for $4.5 million.

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