This Kentucky Cabin On A Lake Makes A Cozy Getaway [PHOTOS]


Listen, we've all seen the horror movies. Family goes to cabin for weekend, then lo and behold, an axe murderer lurks around those parts. The cabin is creaky, and you spend the whole movie screaming. But in reality, cabins are much cozier and way more peaceful — take this Kentucky cabin, for example. It looks like it may need some TLC on the outside, but the inside? It's cozy as hell.

With one bedroom and one bathroom, the cabin may feel a bit small, but it has plenty of space for beds, futons, and more. Plus, the real perk is having your own 40 acres to explore, right next to a lake. It even comes with a private dock. After a long day of exploring, hit up the massive fireplace, where you can warm up or tell stories. It's a nice break from the everyday "go-go-go" mentality.

For more information on this $350,000 property, visit the listing page or contact Sherry Watkins of Keller Williams Legacy Group at (859) 624-5090.

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