This Gorgeous Southern Indiana House Has A Secret Vault [PHOTOS]


Peer closely into the basement of this 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom Southern Indiana home and you'll find yourself staring at your very own vault. Pop all your trinkets into one place, and never feel the need to reveal their value to visitors again.

On a serious note, this house is a real stunner. Gorgeous views, gorgeous rooms, and loads of space are the primary goal here. Cutting the grass may prove to be quite the task on the nearly-60 acre lot, though. And all those dead animals may freak you out, or maybe you're hyped about it, but either way, you'll be one with nature with all that land. The house's description even boasts loads of blackberries around the lot, persimmon trees, and ponds stocked with fish.

For more information on this $1,200,000 property, visit the listing page or contact Matthew Corey of The COREY Team of Williams Carpenter Realtors, Bedford at 812-275-4401.

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