Rejected Kentucky License Plates Are Pretty Bad But Good For A Giggle


Inspired by our sister paper in St. Louis, The Riverfront Times, LEO recently decided to file an open records request with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to find out what the people really want to know: What vanity license plates did the Commonwealth of Kentucky reject last year? 

Kentuckians can request custom text on a license plate so long as the text does not engage in discrimination, promote a political or religious belief, bear a brand name, or be deemed obscene by the cabinet.

In 2022, license plates such as TITTY, 3AT A55, and F4RTS were among the hundreds shot down by bureaucrats, as were a bunch praising Donald Trump and hurling abuse at Joe Biden. Also rejected were multiple requests for plate 1BADHO.

Check out some of the weirdest, funniest, and most cringe license plate requests in the gallery above. 100% real. Facepalm, Kentucky... facepalm.