PHOTOS: These AI-Generated Parody Images Of Mitch McConnell And Other GOP Slags In Drag Are Going Viral


Ladies and germs, when we tell you that @RuPublicans' (yes, a combo of RuPaul + Republicans) AI-generated parody photos of Republican politicians in drag are everything you never knew you needed...we aren't lying to you. Fair warning: Your eyes will never be the same. Mitch god. If anyone were meant to be a queen, we can't think of a better old heifer to serve judgment and evil. If only these Republicans could recognize their potential instead of squashing the dreams of others.

In this gallery, many of these Republicans have been recast as the very people they claim to hate. Their anti-draganti-queer, and anti-trans sentiments have made headlines across the country, but maybe, if they are wise, they will take a gander at these lewks and get into something other than institutionalized hatred.

Likely, it's the most glamour they will ever see, and we think we'd like them a whole lot better like this than with all their wrongheaded hot takes about gender and gender-affirming healthcare.