PHOTOS: The Whirling Tiger Reopens With Two Sold-Out Houndmouth Concerts


Houndmouth, the New Albany alt-blues band best known for hits like "Darlin'" and "Sedona," returned to Louisville on Friday and Saturday for two sold-out concerts at The Whirling Tiger to celebrate the venue's grand reopening.

The Butchertown bar and performance venue closed in September 2022 — coincidentally the same month as Houndmouth's last concert in Louisville, which was part of Bourbon & Beyond. It reopened under new management (including Houndmouth's former tour manager, Mark Evans) in December for a Christmas pop-up, but the Houndmouth shows marked its official return.

The Ego Trippers and Bad Mustache opened for Houndmouth on Friday; Air Chrysalis and White Woolly opened on Saturday. Houndmouth founding member Zak Appleby played bass in lieu of Sam Filiatreau, who replaced Appleby after he left the band due to issues with the band's touring schedule. Drew Miller accompanied some songs on the saxophone, and The Ego Trippers' Zac Anderson accompanied some on guitar.

LEO shot Friday's concert. Check out our photos in the gallery above.


01/20/2023 | Photos by Carolyn Brown • [email protected] • @cebrownphoto