[Photos] Seven Sense Festival Returns


Seven Sense Festival made a return from a five-year absence this weekend with two days of local and national music talent. Headliner's Music Hall hosted the event which is a change of pace from its roots on Preston Street and a brief stint at Gravely Brewing company in previous years. Despite small changes, much remains the same for the festival. One stage inside the Headliner's building with two outside stages flanking either side made for an easy flow from each stage while vendors existed in the middle of the scene. Other familiarities come with the return of acts such as The Jesse Lees, Tyler Lance Walker Gill, and Tunesmiths. First-time acts such as The Daddy Sisters, Blind Feline, and Winona Fighter provided a new taste for Seven Sense as Aaron Lee Tasjan and Ian Noe headlined Friday and Saturday night respectively. With a bent more toward country and rock music, there was still a variety of genres to choose from over the weekend.
There is a philanthropic part to this gathering, and the cause supported this weekend was Change Today, Change Tomorrow. They have a three-tiered plan for approaching the issues of community engagement, food justice, and public health in the West End. According to their website, their mission is "devoted to eradicating the food justice and public health barriers that plague the Black and marginalized communities". To find out more information about the program, visit https://change-today.org/.

| Photos by Nik Vechery