PHOTOS: Everything We Saw At The UnFair Art Show 2022 [NSFW]


The UnFair Art Show (or Louisville UnFair) brought local creators and fans of indie art to Mag Bar from Friday, Sept. 30, to Sunday, Oct. 2, just two blocks from the St. James Court Art Show.

The UnFair is to St. James — "that other art show," as organizers call it — what Poorcastle is to Forecastle: an affordable, homegrown "fest for the rest."

It offers indie artists a space to showcase work that wouldn't be accepted at St. James — decorated doll heads, BDSM-themed wall hangings, "GIT FUKT" buttons, and skull-shaped stained glass, to name a few, plus plenty of pieces featuring the human anatomy. As one UnFair vendor told LEO, referring to St. James, “You’re not gonna get butthole art over there!”

LEO went to the UnFair on Sunday. Check out our photos in the gallery above.

10/02/2022 | Photos by Carolyn Brown • [email protected] • @cebrownphoto