14 Places To Get Pizza In Louisville


Pizza is an eternally popular choice for family dinners. It's easy to eat, it tastes great, and you can add veggies to it, so it's healthy. Sort of. There is a Louisville Pizza Week dedicated to its greatness, and there are plenty of places in Louisville to eat it. If you're feeling like getting a slice of the ol' pie tonight, we've got a few you might want to try.

These local pizzas and pizzerias are just what the weekend in Louisville ordered. Let's pretend that Louisville cardiologists won't read this or will give us all a little grace so that we can indulge once in a while.

Speaking of pizza, does anyone remember the peanut butter pizza at Charlie's? Nah, neither do I.

This list is unranked and absolutely non-exhaustive. Let us know your favorite local pizzeria at [email protected].