Meme City: Louisville In The Language of Memes Is The Best Thing Ever


Memes drive the internet. We love them, and, if the data tracks, you do, too.

All cities have things about them that could make for great memes. Louisville is no different, and a secret friend of LEO has been making and sharing these memes for a while. They graciously allowed us to share some of them here with the caveat that we kept our mouths shut about who they are but here's their IG: @rivercityrules. Basically, if you know, you know.  Maybe you've seen them before.

We're happy to share on their behalf and hope you laugh as much as we do at their awesome local memes. This is the Louisville that you only know if you live or have lived here for some significant time. No worries if you're new to the city and some of these don't make sense — our advice is to ask a local (or keep living here, because one day it will all make sense.)

Check out some of our favorite memes by the anonymous creator in the gallery above.