Kentuckians Remember The Ohio Valley Ice Storm Of 2009 In Tweets


Mention an impending disaster in Louisville, and you’re likely to get a chorus of “In my days” back at ya. 

As we face down a potentially dangerous ice storm, with a quarter inch of the slippery stuff predicted for Derby City, Kentucky residents took some time off raiding the grocery store to reminisce about the winter storms of years past — particularly 2009, when ice over an inch thick caused 609,000 homes across the state to lose power. In Louisville, schools were closed for an entire week, and it took 10 days to restore electricity for the whole city. 

Other Twitter users were unimpressed with the 2009 Ohio Valley Ice Storm, bringing up other instances of severe weather like…

The “Bluegrass Ice Storm” of 2003, when 280,000 customers lost their power.

Or the record-breaking snow of ’94 when 15 inches fell in a single day in Louisville. 

And, finally, the day the Ohio River froze over in 1977. 

I mean, how are you going to beat that?