Hail To The Kings: 17 Drag Kings (From Louisville And Beyond) You Should Follow On Social Media


Louisville's Drag scene is legendary. For decades, if not longer, Louisville has produced some of the best drag performers in the nation. But that scene isn't limited to the fabulous and fierce Drag Queens in our city — that you should also follow on social — but includes the wicked and wild Drag Kings from Louisville and beyond who give us excellent masc. illusion and art.

These performers can be seen often at Absolute Studio Theater in the Mellwood Arts Center complex or performing on other stages around the city.
We're sure we've only knicked the surface of the drag kings who perform in our city, so if there are performers we've missed, let us know at [email protected].

Hail to the Kings! For more information on the art of the Drag King visit: dragkinghistory.com.