All The Glittery Goodness We Saw At BioGlitz’s Dance Party In Louisville On Saturday


Great music, energy and biodegradable glitter were all in abundance at BioGlitz’s event Enter the Portal on Saturday night. The event space on Lytle street lit up with colorful light beams as attendees danced to several DJs throughout the night while covered in the environmentally friendly glitter.

BioGlitz has been “taking the litter out of glitter” since 2015 by creating a biodegradable glitter out of plant cellulose so that everyone can shine while being environmentally responsible.

“I was working in sustainable fashion focused around product development, so I learned a lot about the inception of products and the process of making them, and realized how unsustainable plastic glitter was,” said founder and CEO of BioGlitz Saba Gray.

Along with creating an environmentally friendly way for everyone to sparkle, BioGlitz has been doing events emphasizing inclusivity and creating an environment where those who attend can feel free to be exactly who they want.

“Louisville is a very eccentric city, but even if you go out if you’re a queer person, or if you’re dressed a little bit different, people embrace it, but they all also have to comment on it,” said Gray. “This is a zone where we like to invite people to shine their brightest and be exactly who they want to be, not who they have to be every day.”

If you’d like to check out a BioGlitz event, another night of sparkles and fun will be happening on Jan. 29 at 1535 Lytle St. The event will be more of a gala type event in the warehouse environment that will be focused around disco and dancing. As Gray puts it, “We can dress up to a T but also get down to our knees.”

11/14/2021 | Photos by Kathryn Harrington