A Sneak Peek Inside The Sprawling Noble Funk Brewery In Old Louisville


The former site of the Kroger on 922 S. Second St. in Old Louisville has been transformed into an impressive new haven for lovers of craft beer and a good time.

Brought to fruition by husband and wife team Johnathan and Dominique Shrader, Noble Funk Brewing Co. will feature a range of beer as well as wines, liquor, a craft pizza area and a full kitchen.

Dominique Shrader would like to see the space be used for a wide variety of purposes, including as being a convenient spot for students of nearby UofL and Spalding University to meet and study. “If students want to come and sit or study or have meetings, we’ll have enough area for folks to sit down and since it’s such a lovely big building we wanted to provide spaces to do different things and have different events.”

The sprawling 27,000 square foot space has a wide open area in the front that will serve as a common area, a dedicated room in the back that can be reserved for private events, as well as a portion of the complex yet to be finished, but which Dominique Shrader says has the potential for a future tenant. “We were looking pretty aggressively for someone to come fill that space, but with COVID and everything, the focus right now is just to get this side of it open.”

A few highlights of the space include the beer tower with 24 taps, a gas fire oven for craft pizzas, and an outdoor event space that will include seating and even has a putting green. Noble Funk Brewing Co. will open in mid October. Now, for a peek inside:

| Photos by Kathryn Harrington