11 Original Kings Island Rides That Have Been in Operation Since the Park Opened


This summer marks Kings Island’s 50th anniversary. The amusement park staked its claim in Mason, Ohio, in 1972 as a replacement for the longtime — and frequently flooded — favorite Coney Island. While Coney only closed from 1971-1973 before reopening its attractions along the banks of the Ohio River, many of its classic rides (and employees) made their way to Kings Island.

When the theme park opened, there were only 60 attractions, according to King Island’s area manager, digital marketer and lifelong fan Don Helbig. Today, there are more than 100.

While we have loved and lost many favorites when they went into retirement (RIP Phantom Theater), these 11 rides have been around since the park opened in 1972 — though several have been renamed, sometimes multiple times. visitkingsisland.com. —Maija Zummo